God - The Creator

God - The Creator

Saturday, 21 March, 2009

Control your Mind

This is story of a prince who sacrificed all his riches and surrendered his life towards Gautam Budha. The prince enjoyed all the luxuries of life and had all comforts but still he was not happy. He came under Gautam Budha's sharan begged for shelter and requested Mahatma to make him his disciple.
Gautam Budha agreed and told him that he has to lead a life of a Bhikshu. He has to go to people's door and beg for food and he has to sleep on the floor in the open space. The prince politely agreed.
Mahatma told him to take bhiksha from only one house. In that house a rich and young lady used to stay. She was also a disciple of Mahatma.
First day when the prince went to the rich lady's house for bhiksha, she opened the door and called him inside. She gave him delicious food to eat. He relished the food and thanked the lady. When he was about to leave, she asked him "before coming here you were thinking in your mind that in bhiksha you should get rich food to eat and all that you wanted to eat I have cooked for you."
The prince agreed and left. He was thinking how could she read his mind. Anyway he touched Gautam Budha's feet and narrated everything to him. Next day again the Mahatma told him to go to the same lady's house for Bhiksha. The prince in his mind was feeling happy. He took pot and on the way was remembering his prince hood days. How he would get tasty and rich food.His wife would sit beside him. How much he was attached to his children. He slept on comfortable bed, everything was so easy. His parents and other family members would love him and now he has nothing. This way he was lost in his thoughts and reached the lady's house.

The lady opened the door for him. She offered him nice food and after that requested him to sleep on the comfortable bed in her house. After he got up from sleep, she said"I know you are missing your good old days which you have sacrificed. While on your way you thinking about rich food, comfortable bed, your family. Is it right." The prince felt ashamed that this lady can read his mind and whatever he thinks of eating, she cooks accordingly. She provides him all the possible comforts he thinks in his mind. Anyway he thanked her for all that she gave and left her house.

After that he went straight to Mahatma and requested him that next day onwards he will not go to the lady's house as she can read his mind.

Mahatma Budha insisted that he should take bhiksha from her house only. He should learn to control his mind. Gautam Budha said "now since you know that the lady has power to read your mind, try to control your mind. If you practice everyday to control your mind your desires will minimise. Your ego will be under control and the attachment(moha) towards family and the comforts you enjoyed those days will reduce. You will then learn to become a perfect disciple. Your mind is still with your rich old days. If you are serious and want to tread on my path, learn to sacrifice not the outside world but the thoughts within, the desires within. It is easy to sacrifice the outside world like money, family, friends, comforts, riches everything that we touch and feel through our senses but when you introspect within you know how much dirt is accumulated in you. You cannot live in peace. Once you have mastered the art of controlling your mind and have created the habit of introspecting within then only you can become a true saint. Short term sacrifice will not help, sacrifice from within can make you strong and you can win over anybody.

Wednesday, 11 March, 2009


A young boy went to a Mahatma. He touched his feet and requested him to give him knowledge about Atma and Paramatma. The saint made the boy sit next to him and said "how eager are you know about Atma and Paramatma?
The boy replied "I am very eager and I want to learn fast." The boy said that he has come from far of place and all the people suggested him to visit you. Now You are the only person who can give me gyan about God and Soul. The saint asked "how much time can you spare of your life to learn about God"
The boy said "I want to learn instantly."
The saint said "you have to stay with me for sometime and then only I can teach you. It can take one day, one weak, can be one year or more." The boy thought for sometime and replied "yes, I am ready to stay with you and I know I can learn fast."
The Mahatma said "you have to do whatever work I tell you to do."
The boy agreed.
The next day Mahatma handed over a box which was locked and told the boy to handed it over to another Mahatma, his friend, who stayed 2 to 3 klms. away from his ashram.
The boy obediently agreed and took the box and started walking. On the way he felt some funny sound coming from the box. He became curious to know what was inside the box. He first controlled himself but later on got tempted. He unlocked the box and saw a rat jumped out of the box. The boy was surprised and could not decide as to what to do as the rat ran away. He anyway caught hold some other rat and locked it in the box. He reached the Mahatma's ashram, touched his feet and said that this box has been gifted by his Guru.
The Mahatma without opening said "in this box there is a rat. You opened the box to see what it contained. The rat jumped out of it and you have kept another rat instead. Am I right?"
The boy was stunned as he did not know what to say. He apologised and begged sorry by saying "I got curious to know what the box had as it was making some funny sound and as I opened it the rat jumped out and I kept another rat so that my Guru should not know that I opened the box. But swamiji how did you know that I opened the box and exchanged the rat?"

The Mahatma smiled and replied"you are very young and eager to know things fast. But first control your mind. It is running like a rat. First sacrifice something to learn about God. Your Guru gave you your mind in the form of a rat tightly locked in. But see as you opened it, it jumped and ran away somewhere else and you exchanged it with some other rat, the mind. Since your Guru has sent you to me I will try to help you to be steady. Never get tempted. Think, judge and then act. Once you know the art of controlling your own mind, you will also get the blessings of reading other persons mind. So be patient, your queries will be solved.

Wednesday, 11 February, 2009

Saint and Thief

A thief once unknowingly entered a saint's house to steal something. When he entered he could not find anything. There was nothing left in his room or kitchen.
The saint was busy in his prayers. He could sense that a thief has entered his house. He politely called him and said "please wait, I know you have come in search of something. I am a simple man I don't keep anything with me. But since you have come to my house I will not allow you to go empty handed."
Hearing this the thief got scared and started running. The saint ran after him and told him to wait. The saint caught hold of the thief and brought him to his house. He explained to him by saying"if you wanted something you should have told me in advance. I could have brought something from market and kept it for you. I don't allow anyone to go empty handed from my house. I offer something to an animal also. You are a man, God's creation. How can I allow you to go empty handed." He offered him a new shawl which he was wearing. It was gifted to the saint by one of his disciple.

After taking the shawl the thief left from saint's house. The thief decided that in future he will not steal. On the way a policeman saw him and suspected him to be a thief. He asked him that from where he got this expensive shawl. The thief told him about the saint who offered him as a gift. The policeman did not believe him. He dragged him to the police station. There the Chief of the police station asked him about the shawl. The thief again gave him the same answer that saint has given him the shawl.

The Chief of Police station was a disciple of the saint. He took the thief to the saint and asked him whether he has given him this expensive shawl. The saint recognized him and said "yes, this shawl has been gifted to him. Leave him. He is not a thief. He is a poor man and wanted some help from me so I gave him this shawl to remove all previous sins he has committed. Now he is my disciple and I will take care of him."
The Chief of the police touched saints feet and left. The thief cried bitterly and sat under saint's feet. He did pranaam to saint and promised in future he will never involve in anti social work. He will dedicate rest of his life in his service.

The story signified that in the company of good people bad people can also change. The shawl given by saint to the thief changed his life. The saints are like flowers spreading their fragrance to whom so ever they touch. Blessed are the ones who come in contact with saints whose divine touch and fragrance brings magic in their life.

Friday, 6 February, 2009

Control over Eating Habit

In Maharashtra there has been a famous personality named Mahadev Gobind Ranade. Once he was busy writing something in his notebook. His friend had sent sweet mangoes for him. His wife Ramabai, washed the mangoes peeled them for him. She kept small pieces of mango for him on the table. He started eating one piece, then another piece by saying "I have never eaten such sweet mangoes, they are very tasty." He offered some pieces to his wife and said "distribute it to the neighbours and all the workers in our house."

His wife Ramabai said "since you like mangoes so much why did you take only two pieces. You could have eaten more. Take more and finish this mango." He politely smiled at her and said "it is not necessary that what you like most you must eat more. There should be some control over your tongue, your taste buds"

Ramabai could not sense what was her husband hinting at. He then explained to her that some years back while he was studying in Mumbai , there used to be a lady, his neighbour. She was very rich and had ten servants at her service. Her dining table used to be full with variety of food items. After some years her husband faced some loss in his business. Their financial condition was deteriorating. They removed their servants and would cook only simple food to fill their stomach. Once being so rich they had no control over their tongue. They used to eat sweets and very rich food, but later they had to eat only dal and rice. Looking at their pathetic condition, I had promised and decided that in future I will keep a control over my tongue. Eat within limits so that in future my standard of living does not suffer.

To maintain stability in our financial conditions we should have some control over our spendthrift habits so that in future we and our children should not suffer.

Sunday, 11 January, 2009

Patience and Determination

A Bodha Bhikshu went to take bhiksha in Vaishali, once a capital city of India. He entered a big bungalow and knocked at the door. The door opened and a young and beautiful woman was standing in front of the bhikshu. She was wearing heavy jewelery and looked a very rich lady.
She gave a dirty look at the bhikshu and got angry. She was against Budha dharam. She did not believe in Bodha and said "why are you here and next time dare you entered my house? why have you come to my house for begging?

The Bhikshu smiled and said "bhagini,will my bhikshapatra go empty from your house?
She was very angry and said "Yes, I will throw this dirt from dustbin in your patra." She immediately threw the dirt from dustbin in his bhikshapatra. The bhikshu politely removed the dirt and did pranaam and thanked for her foolish act. People gathered there and started telling him why he had to stoop so low and why he went to her house. He could have gone some other place.

The bhikshu replied "when my Guru had given me diksha he told me that whatever you get in your bhikshpatra, be contented and thank that person. If people abuse you, throw mud on you, still you should thank them. She has given me something and not taken away anything. A lady who had never touched or lifted dustbin in her life has to bend at least to take that in her hand. She has changed a bit. Now I will go everyday and knock at her door. Slowly but steadily she will learn to be kind and offer me the right bhiksha."

Never lose courage. There may be many obstacles in our life, we must be patient enough to overcome them. Our efforts will not go in vain. Have faith in Almighty who has created a variety of living and non living things for us. We must feel that he is with us all the time. We will definitely win our task.

Monday, 5 January, 2009


When Sita Mata was in Ashok Vatika, Hanumanji went to meet her. He felt very sad to see her condition and could not bear to see the raakshasni's of Ravan ill treating her. He got very and said "mata. give me permission to kill and punish these raakshsni's who are torturing you." Sita mata with her moist eyes politely said "you are Lord Ram and sita's true bhakt. Forgive them. They are employees of Ravan, they are doing their duty. It is not their fault, forgive them. Why you want to punish them?"
Then Sita Mata narrated a story to Hanuman, the true bhakt of Ram and Sita.
She said a man was wandering in the jungle and he could not find his way. A lion started following him. He got scared seeing the lion and climbed on a tree. On the tree a bear was sitting. He did not know what to do. There was death down in the form of lion and death up on the tree in the form of bear. The bear said "do not got scared, you have come to my house and I will give you shelter. I will take care of you."
The lion was waiting under the tree for this man to fall or come down. The lion told bear "throw him down, don't trust this man." The bear replied "I cannot do this as he has taken shelter(sharan) in my house. I will protect him by sacrificing my life, but I will not throw him."
The lion was adamant and full night he sat under the tree waiting for this man. The bear told the man "I have taken care of you till midnight and then when you wake up I will take rest in your lap and you take care of me." The man agreed and slept peacefully in the bear's lap. At midnight the bear woke him up and said that now it was his turn to rest. The man put bear to rest on his lap. The lion looked up and said to man "this bear is taking care of you because he is scared of me but after sometime he will eat you so throw him down. Lion roared and said "throw him."
The man got frightened and threw the bear down. The bear did not fall he took support of the stems of the tree. The lion laughed and said to the bear "you saw how selfish are these man. You cannot trust them. how can you give shelter to him."
The bear replied "he has come under my shelter(sharan), I will forgive him but not allow him to fall. I will protect him."
Sita Mata said "everybody on this earth makes mistakes, we must forgive them for once. A bear can forgive man whose nature or food his flesh and we man who are intelligent and understanding cannot forgive."
Hearing this Hanuman became quiet and his anger subsided.

Saturday, 3 January, 2009

Karuna(Love and Sympathy)

When you lit a candle it gives light. Sandalwood is cool and spreads only fragrance. Such are the saints who spread light and fragrance on this earth so that everybody feels happy.

Gautam Budha was full of karuna, love and sympathy for others. Once when Dev Dhoot opened the door of Nirvaan for him and said "Gautam Budha you are welcome to Nirvaan and the door is wide open for you. You can enjoy the bliss and happiness of Nirvaan". Gautam Budha politely refused and said "how can I enter and enjoy the bliss of Nirvaan, when people on this earth are wreathed in pain and sorrow? If all the people are allowed to enter the door to Nirvaan and every living being is relieved from pain and sorrow, I will then only accept the road to Nirvaan otherwise you may close the door."

Gautam Budha was a king and he renounced from all the comforts of King's life. He dedicated his entire life for others and was filled with karuna and sympathy for others. He wanted all the living beings to be happy. There was so much karuna and love in his heart for creatures of this earth.

There used be a Muslim saint named Rabia. Her bhakti was not less than Mira Bai's bhakti. Once her Guru arrived to bless her in her hut. He stayed as a guest for few days and would impart spiritual knowledge to her and others and would immerse in prayers.

When her Guru was to leave, she said that in few words just give her some message so that her life she will dedicate to these words.
Her Guru said there is one message you should always remember "Love God and hate Shaitaan(Devil)". Tears started dripping from Rabia's eyes. She knelt on her Guru's feet and said " I cannot do this".
Guru asked her "why can't you do this". She replied with moist eyes "I have only love, no feeling of hatred. If God and Shaitaan go together, then I will love both of them equally, I will not be able to hate the Shaitaan. There is no bitterness or hatred in me, so how can I give that to anybody. I have only one most precious gift of "Love".
Her Guru was so impressed by her that he knelt before her said"you are full of love, there is no place for hatred in your heart. For you there is no difference between God and Shaitaan, rich or poor, ugly or beautiful. Everything on this Earth is beautiful and lovable." There are no boundaries for love. Hatred makes boundary.

Saturday, 20 December, 2008

Slept enough Now Wake Up

Rajababu was a rich businessman in Calcutta city. He was seventy years old and had a big family. Everyday he used to go for his morning stroll with a stick in his hand.
Once while returning from his morning walk, he heard a woman's voice speaking very softly to wake up her son. He heard her saying "wake up, Raja Babu, How long will you sleep? How long will you be in dream world? See the sun has risen to fulfill its duty. You also wake to fulfill your duty. Oh! my dear son, wake up, it is high time."
When the businessman heard this, he said to himself "Oh, it is my time to wake up. I was really in a dream world and sleeping." He immediately rushed home and said to everybody "wake up, Raja Babu."
Every member of his family thought that something has gone wrong with him. But he was firm. He packed up few of his basic things and told his wife and children that he is leaving for Rishikesh.
He said"All these days I was sleeping but now since I have woken up I must not waste a single day. I must dedicate my life to the Almighty who has given me so much. I must earn something and enrich myself with spiritual knowledge. I have forgotten my God in this worldly things which I have to leave one day."

Sometimes it so happens that words spoken by somebody else affects us. We feel that they are
directed towards us. That instance we change our mind and take reigns of our indriyan's in our hand and dedicate ourselves to the Almighty.

Friday, 19 December, 2008

Search of True Disciple

Gautam Budha with his five hundred disciples was walking towards Vaishali, city in India. There was a small village on the way. Gautam suddenly took a turn towards the village. The disciples asked him that why he turned towards the small village.

Gautam said "I want to visit this village. We will all go there." The disciples asked"how can we all fit into this village? It is very small, hardly two to three hundred people are there and very few houses for us to stay or sit there. How can five hundred disciples accommodate in the village. They want have sufficient water and food for us. Let us straight away walk towards Vaishali."

Gautam Budha did not answer them and firmly said"let us go there."
The disciples were surprised as they knew there is not much place for 200 to 300 people, how can they fit there. When they marched forward and reached almost near the village, they saw a young girl carrying food for her father who was working as a farmer. The young girl of 17 - 18 years did pranaam to Guatam and requested "shasta, till I don't come back after giving food to my father in the farm, please do not start your pravachan."

Gautam Budha smiled and answered in affirmative. Gautam Budha alongwith his disciples reached the village. All the natives of the village gathered and gave immense respect to Mahatma Budha. They arranged for food, water and shelter for them. The villagers were happy and said that they are also very blessed that such a Mahatma has given darshan to them. They were very excited that people from different places go to take darshan of Gautam Budha and here he has come personally to visit us.
The disciples of Gautam Budha could not believe and were very surprised that they could all accommodate into this small village and they had sufficient food and other facilities for them.

The Head (mukhiya) of the village requested Mahatma Budha to give satsang and spiritual knowledge to the village people. All the people of the village assembled to hear Mahatma Budha.
Mahatma kept silent. There was total peace and complete silence. As soon as the girl arrived Mahatma Budha smiled and his faced bloomed like a flower. He started imparting his knowledge, his updesh and said "I was waiting for this girl to come back, my friends. I have come to this village because of this girl. She is the right disciple, she has ability to learn and understand. She has this priceless possession of knowledege from her previous birth. I know the history of her previous births. I turned to this village as I knew that this girl stays here and has the hunger, the desire to learn and value knowledge. The person who has thirst, the curiosity to know, understand and learn, will find the well to get water. The river will find the sea.
Those who breed positive thoughts in their mind get positive response from all the sources but those who breed negativity will never find their way. The negative vibes get negative thought in response.

Keep postive thought and have strong faith, God will come in search of you. How Mahatma Biudha went in search of the girl from a small village whose postive thoughts attracted Gautam Budha to impart postive knowledge in her. Due to her the entire village got positive energy from Gautam Budha and they were Blessed

Tuesday, 16 December, 2008

Mind and Body coordiantion

Gautam Budha was once giving spiritual lectures to his disciples. Many people had assembled to hear the spiritual discourses. A rich businessman had also joined and was sitting right in front. His front toe was shaking continuously. While imparting knowledge, Gautam Budha noticed that the businessman's front toe was shaking non stop. Budha stopped giving lectures. He said to the man"friend, why is your toe shaking?" The moment Budha said this, the businessman's toe stopped shaking.

The man felt very insulted and hurt that Gautam Budha pointed out this problem in public. He got angry and said "you mind your own lectures, there is not need to find fault in others. What is to you if my toe is shaking? It is my problem. You have no right to insult me? His ego was badly bruised and hurt. He thought that so many times nobody noticed this and now why is Gautam trying to notice and make it public.
Gautam Budha was very polite and tactful. He said"dear friend, how many questions did you ask me for this simple reason. Just tell me why there is no control over your toe. Your one part of the body is shaking and you are not aware of it. It means that there is no coordination between your mind and body. Your mind is not with you. You are not paying attention. Your mind is wandering somewhere else. Any way now be serious and listen to my lecture."

After sometime the toe stopped shaking. Gautam Budha said "friend, now why has your toe stopped shaking. It is because you were unconscious before, now after I pointed out your problem you have become conscious.

It happens with most of us. There is no mind and body coordination. We make mistakes because we think something and do something. Our strong will power can bring coordination as we are conscious of what we are doing.

Monday, 15 December, 2008

Knowledge to Blind

Lord Krishna told Arjun "this knowledge of Geeta should be shared and given to those who value it, who are tapasvi, who have stable mind and body, whose sensory organs(eyes,ears, nose,tongue etc) are within his control and well coordinated. It is most precious and scientific knowledge which guides you to lead a balanced life and helps at every sphere of life.

Ramesh had a friend Ramu who was blind. He went to his Ramu's house and told him to stay with him for sometime. The blind man Ramu and Ramesh stayed together and had good time. It was time for the Ramu to depart. He told Ramesh that he could find his house on his own and he need not take trouble to leave him till his house.

It was getting cloudy and slight drizzle was there so Ramesh told his friend to stay back but the Ramu insisted on going back to his house. Ramesh told him to take lantern as it is quite dark outside. The blind friend said"oh! you are making fun of me. You know I cannot see so what help will I get from this lantern. I can walk with my stick"
Ramesh said "dear friend, if you carry lantern, the other person will not dash against you due to the light from lantern and he can at least see you. Ramu agreed to carry lantern.
While he was walking a man dashed against him and said "are you blind? Can't you see me coming from front? Ramu replied"yes, I am blind but you could see the light from the lantern." The man said "your lantern has no light, it is off" Poor blind man did not know whether there is light in the lantern or no. Anyway he apologised and walked carefully with his stick and reached home.
It is like you try to impart knowledge on a person who does know anything or is not interested in knowing or tries to find fault in it. Try to give spiritual or any knowledge to those who love to hear, read and understand it. Not to the ones who do not value it. It is like giving lantern to a blind man who does not know that the lantern is lit or not.

Hear your inner self

A rich old businessman lost his eye sight. His family tried their best to get him operated but did not succeed. He used to feel proud of his family. His family members were his wife, eight sons and eight daughters-in-law. His sons used to always tell him to get best treatment abroad for his eyes, but the old man would not agree. He would tell his wife and children "I have two eyes of my wife, sixteen eyes of my sons and sixteen of my daughters in law, where is the need to go abroad and get operated."
He further said " My children you take so much care of me, stay with me all the time like a shadow. Whatever I need you all are ready to help. I am so proud of you. I don't want to go out for operation. You all are my eyes. I can see and feel through your love. I don't feel handicapped. I don't need my eyes"

Once it so happened that the businessman's house caught fire. It was night time and the fire was spreading everywhere in the house. Everybody from the family, all the thirty four eyes rushed out to save their lives. The old man was left alone, he could sense from the smoke and screams that there is heavy fire in his house. He could not see which way to exit. This very minute he felt that his own eyes only help. However good your family members may be, but at certain time they also become helpless. So your eyes and your thinking can help you to overcome any crises.

Be self reliant. Don't boast of near and dear ones. Time is the best judge. Listen to your inner self.

Friday, 12 December, 2008

White flowers and Red flowers

Swami samarth was staunch believer of Lord Rama. In his lectures he would speak only about Rama and the holy epic Ramayan. As it is said that wherever there is a discussion or a satsang about Lord Rama, his disciple Hanuman is always present.

Once swami Samarth was explaining to his disciples the story of Sita. He said that "when Hanumanji went to meet Sita in Ashok Vatika, the flowers that were blooming there of white colour."
Hanuman was sitting and hearing the satsang. He was thinking that "the flowers were red in colour when he first met sita mata, they were not white. How is swamiji saying that they were white. He is giving lecture based on the books. He was not there that time. I was the witness and I know they were red." Hanumanji immediately came in front of swami Samarth in physical form and said "swamiji, I am Hanuman. Just now you said that the flowers were white when Hanuman went to meet Sita at Ashok Vatika but I know they were red. I had actually seen them. How can you say that?" Swamiji said "I am also a disciple of lord Rama and I am also equally important like you. I know and I am sure the flowers blooming were white."

Hanumanji said "let us go to Lord and find out the truth." He carried swamiji on his shoulders and went to Rama. Lord Rama was surprised to see his disciples arguing for the colour of flowers at Ashok Vatika. Lord said"you are both equally precious to me. Iam happy to hear that you have done minute study of my life. You know each and every phase of my life. Lord did not want to displease his disciples. So he said that this questions answer only Sita can give you as I was not there. She was the only witness. I suggest you go and ask her."

Then they approached Sita Mata bowed in front of her and Hanuman asked "Mata, we have a query. We want to know the colour of flowers at Ashok Vatika when I came to meet you. This swamiji says that the flowers were white that time but I am sure they were red. You are the only witness and can you please solve this?" Sitaji smiled and made Hanuman relax. She said "oh! dear son Hanuman the flowers at Ashok Vatika were actually white. It is correctly scripted in religious books. Since you were very angry and your eyes had turned red, you could only see only red, only anger, so the white flowers looked red to you." Hanumanji thanked Sita Mata and said "In anger we forget our senses, we are not normal and view things in a biased way"

Hanumanji felt nice that Swami Samarth knows each and every detail of my Lord Rama. He thanked him said "You will always find me in places wherever Ram Katha is discussed or narrated" and then he disappeared.

This story teaches us a lesson that in anger we don't see things as they are and our judgement is never correct. Always take decisions in relaxed mood so there are no mistakes.

Monday, 8 December, 2008

Story from Upnishad

As we all know Ego is like our shadow. How much ever we try to control it and keep away, it will not go easily. But atleast we should be aware that due to Egoistic behaviour we ruin our relations.
There was a war between devtas and daityas. Devtasas won the war. So they became egoistic. The Devtaas Vaayu, Indra and Agni are the three main. They started arguing amongst themselves by stressing that one is more powerful than the other.

Indra said "I am most powerful devtaa. I look after this earth. If I stop sending rain, this earth will get dried. The rivers, lakes sea all will dry. Nobody will get water to drink, even plants and animal will die due to thirst. There will no food also as plant will not grow. The entire species of earth will die of thirst."

The Agni devtaa said "without water the earth can run for sometime but not without fire. Man's body runs on heat, if it becomes cold, they die. If the heat is not there on earth, all will decay. There is heat in the sun, it gives life on earth. But if I stop giving heat, nobody will be able to breathe and survive."

The vaayu devtaa said " what are you talking. I am the most powerful on the earth. Without air, all the species on earth will die instantly. How can they survive without oxygen and air."

Now all these important devtaas started showing their strength. Each one wanted to prove that he is more powerful than the other.

God was listening to their argument. He knew that they are interlinked. None can survive without the other. I have given them the power to help the earth and now due to Ego they are fighting.
While they were fighting, they saw some powerful and beautiful light passed by. The powerful light was stronger than the sun's light. When they went near, they saw beautiful devi. They said "who is this beautiful and bright looking devi?"
Agni first went forward and started talking and asked in a powerful tone "who are you? You don't know I am Agni devtaa. I can burn you anytime. I can destroy the entire world with fire and heat. She replied "you don't know who am I?" I have never seen Agni devtaa before. You don't look familiar to me."
Agni got very angry. The devi said "if you are so powerful, then take this thin dry stem of tree, burn it to show me that you are very powerful. Agni tried to burn that dried stem with full might, but it did not catch fire. He tried with his full strength but could not burn the dried stem.

Seeing this the vaayu said "oh devi, what agni cannot do, I can do. I am vaayu, I can blow this thin stem in one instance. I am so powerful that if I stop giving air, the entire world will die immediately without oxygen. I am so powerful that if I bring storm heavy stones, mountains can get destroyed. The devi said "blow this dried stem to show your strength." Vaayu with full strength tried to blow but could not and finally gave up.

Now Indra devtaa approached near devi and said "see I am more powerful than Agni and Vaayu. I can bring heavy rain and get the earth flooded with water and people will die of drowning. If I stop sending water the earth will die due to thirst. Now you know I am the most powerful."
The devi said "just shake this small stem with water and prove your might"
Vaayu tried level best but could not bring rain or little water to shake the stem.
Finally he also gave up.
Then these three devtaas apologised and said "we are sorry and agree that we cannot have powers without God's wish. Can you tell us who are you?'

The devi said "I am God. I came to test you. You became very egoistic thinking that the earth runs on your power. You are mistaken. The power of vaayu, Agni and Indra is with the Almighty. If you don't unite your powers will be snatched away. You three devtaas are interlinked. One cannot work without the help of other. Please give up this Ego and jointly do your work or else your powers will not serve the purpose of this Earth. I can snatch your powers if you do not work together. All are equally important on this earth and it is because of my blessings.

Sunday, 7 December, 2008

Minimise Your Desires

Main reason to take birth and rebirth is basically due to our unfulfilled desires. We take 84 Lakh times birth(chourasi lakh yonis) because of these desires. But these desires make us behave like beggars and they are never fulfilled. We are never satisfied.
A sufi fakir reached the samraat of his nation's palace. He had a small pot. He told the samraat to fill his pot with whatever little he can donate. Any small thing was welcome. It can be food, clothes, sand, stone, gold, silver anything he can give. The sufi saint told the king that the pot should remain full, it should remain empty.

Samraat ordered his minister by saying "this fakir has a small pot and cannot disappoint a sufi saint, just fill his pot with diamonds." When his minister started putting diamonds in the pot he could hear the sound of diamonds being put in the pot, but he could not see them. They got vanished. from the pot. The pot remained empty. Again he tried to put diamonds, gold, silver and many other things, he could hear the sound but the things would disappear. He went on putting many things from palace property, but the pot never got filled. It remained empty.
The entire property of the samraat was put in the pot, still it remained empty. They could hear the sound of things being put in the pot, but they would get vanished in no time.

When everything got over, the condition of the samraat became like that of a beggar. He had nothing left. The ministers and other people of that nation were surprised. They told the king that he is not a fakir, he is a magician. He is playing tricks on us.

The fakir smiled and politely said "Don't call me a magician. I am a true sufi fakir. I am not greedy. I have no desires. A little food for the day if I get is sufficient for me and if I don't get I sleep without it.

The king then requested him by saying 'if you are a true saint then return my entire property. where have you hidden it. You don't need much then why have your grabbed the property of my palace. The fakir said "first bend low, bow to me and honestly say that you have lost and I have won. The samraat said "I beg you and bend in front of you and agree that I have surrendered and you have won. Now tell me about the pot. It is made of which element?

The fakir laughed and said "this pot is made of the element of Desires, the khopdi of man which is always wanting. The khopdi dies but the wants do not die. This pot is not with me alone, it is with everybody. This stomach of our is satisfied after eating food, but the stomach of this khopdi is never satisfied. How much ever you fill it, it immediately gets emptied. So reduce your desires."
The fakir then returned the kings property and marched towards other places to teach the people that too many desires will not let you sleep in peace.

Friday, 5 December, 2008

King of Universe

A king once passed by an Inn(Dharamshala). It was evening and quite dark due to cloud and slight drizzle, he saw two beggars sitting outside the Inn and arguing on some topic. Since it was dark they could not see him. The king stopped to hear their argument. One beggar said “on whom this earth's king(bhupati) bestows his blessings, this World’s king(jagatpati or God) also cannot do anything.” The other beggar argued by saying “on whom this world’s king(jagatpati) bestows his blessing, this earth’s king(bhupati) cannot do anything. The first beggar said "does God give us anything? can we see him? Does he really exist? He never talks to us,never comes before us. How can I trust the King of Universe. Is there a king of Universe. Is he far greater than our king of the state or earth. I can see my nation's king. He helps me at times. If he wants he can help me and remove this poverty of mine. The second beggar argued and said "the king of earth also gets from God, he has not created on his own. If God wants he will definitely remove this poverty of mine”

The king was amused by their arguments and went back to his palace. Next day he sent his attendant to the place where these beggars meet and ordered him to bring the beggars sitting outside the Inn. The beggars were summoned at King’s palace. Before these beggars would reach King's palace, he ordered his men to get two long pumpkins, slit them and remove the inner part. The pumpkins were then filled with gold coins and closed again.

The two beggars arrived at king's palace. They were greeted nicely and each one was given a pumpkin. The beggars then thanked the king and left the palace. The first beggar who said that to whom the earth’s kings gives what the world’s King will give, took the pumpkin and felt very disappointed by the gift. He straight away went to vegetable market, sold that pumpkin for ten rupees and pacified himself by saying "today I deserved only this much."

The other beggar who believed that to whom the world’s king give what would the earth’s king give, went straight home. He told his wife to keep this pumpkin, he will bring one more from market and make some khichdi as for long they have not eaten proper food. The beggar went to the market, came across the same vegetable vendor who had purchased the pumpkin from the first beggar for ten rupees. This beggar agreed to buy from him for fifteen rupees. He bought the pumpkin from him and took it home. Now both the pumpkins were with this beggar. When his wife started cutting, she was surprised that both the pumpkins were stuffed with gold coins. The beggar's happiness knew no bounds. He thanked God and said “to whom you give will only get. Nobody can snatch it from him.”

Next day the king called both the beggars and asked them about the pumpkins. The first said that he had sold it vegetable vendor for ten rupees. The second told him that by coincidence he got both the pumpkins stuffed with golden coins and I thank my Lord for his blessings.

The king laughed and said to the second beggar “what you said is True that to whom the World’s king gives, what can the Earth’s king do.” I tried to help both of you. I used to feel that I am helping my people. But when I overheard your arguments, I wanted to test that who is right. I wanted to judge and wanted a proof. Oh Lord ! I agree to whom You give, nobody else can give." You are the final authority. I am also your creation. You can make a beggar into a rich man and can destroy a rich man anytime.

Wednesday, 3 December, 2008

Plan After Prayer

A Mahatma once early in the morning went to visit his disciple. The disciple had a big bungalow with a beautiful garden. His wife was strolling in the garden. As soon as she saw Mahatma she touched his feet and made him sit in the chair.

The Mahatma asked "where is my disciple?"
The wife replied "he has gone to buy shoes"
The Mahatma said "so early in the morning which shoe shop will be open."
The disciple was sitting in dhyan and praying in his room. He heard the conversation between the saint and his wife. He immediately came out of room and told his wife "early morning why are you telling lies to my Guru. You cannot tell him that I was praying in my room." He forgot about dhyan and prayer and started arguing with his wife. He told Mahatma that his wife is telling all lies. Don't believe her.

The Mahatma said " oh beti, why did you tell me lies that your husband has gone to buy shoes?. You could have politely told me that he in dhyan and is praying. Why create such an argument."

The wife said " Mahatmaji, give gangajal and tulsi in his hand and ask him to tell you honestly that what I said now is true or false. Is it a lie."

The tears started dripping from the man's eyes and said "swamiji, to tell you the truth I was buying shoes only and there was also some dispute with the shopkeeper."
Swamiji asked his wife that how did she come to know about it.

The wife answered "before going to pray and sit in his dhyan, my husband told me that after prayer and breakfast I will go to buy shoes. I knew that now his mind will not be in the prayer but in shoe shop. He must be thinking which shoe shop to buy from and which type of shoe. So I guessed that physically he is at home praying, but mentally he is shopping"

She said "Mahatmaji, you had taught us that before going for dhyan or doing prayer, do not make any commitments. Just concentrate on your Almighty. Spare some time for him. Mentally and physically, at that moment atleast we must be with him and not make any plans just before prayers. I told you what I felt about my husband. Am I wrong in saying that."

The Mahatma smiled and said "In future after doing your prayers make plans for the day or for future. Do not spoil that time in worldly and futile thoughts. Always keep your thoughts with God while praying. After prayers you have full time to do your daily job.

Atmanan Yunjit : self Realisation

We have attached ourselves with the entire world from outside. We have never tried to maintain and study relationship with ourselves. We have no time to introspect and check what is happening within us. We have the entire world news, but never bothered to know about the news from within our Atma. God says "concentrate and check from within where are you going wrong." Spare sometime for the Almighty who has created this universe. We have forgotten the owner of our Birth and Death.

A highly qualified Professor from Tokyo University came in search of God and Soul(Atma-Paramatma),ParaBrahm. He was guided towards a saint who stayed in a small and peaceful hut situated in the high hills. People in that locality told him that his query to know about God will be solved by that saint. The professor went on climbing the hill which was very high. Finally he reached the Saint's hut. The professor was feeling breathless on climbing the hill and was also sweating.

He entered the hut of the saint and started questioning about Atma Paramatma. The saint told him to calm down and take a deep breath. He made him sit and told him to wipe out the sweat.
The saint then told him "relax for sometime, I will prepare tea for you. You have come from so far. Take some rest and after tea your problem will be solved."

The saint then went to make tea for the professor. The prfessor was feeling restless and started thinking that how can his problem be solved with a cup of tea. Anyway the saint prepared the tea and started pouring the tea in Professor's cup and saucer. The saint went on pouring tea in the cup upto the brim and started falling in the saucer. The Professor said "stop now, the cup and saucer both are full. Why are you continuously pouring tea, there is not a place left. It is overflowing."

The saint laughed aloud and said "you can see the cup is overflowing but you cannot see from within. Where is the place for Atam Paramatma. You are filled with desires and worldly things, not a bit left to know about your creator." The Professor was surprised and he realized that in our daily life we are filled with so much of dirt from outside world that we have not left place for God to abide in. He forgot about the tea. The Professor then told the saint"I will come back to you when I will find place for God in my heart."

The saint smiled and said "Oh! Professor, when you will find place for God in your heart, you will not need to come here. There will be no need for you to come here. You will find answer to your queries on your own. Introspect and understand yourself, answers lie within. You be your judge."

Tuesday, 25 November, 2008

Story of a Brahmin

There was a Brahmin, a true bhakt of Lord Krishna. He has expressed his views on Mahabharat. In Mahabharat there is a shloka "Bhavami na chirathparth" means God says "I take care of your life, I look after your needs and I will come personally to help you and carry you in my lap from the sea of sorrow."
The Brahmin opinion was "why should Lord take the trouble of coming personally and helping us. He has so many people with him. He can send his employees, his attendants, servants to come to earth for our help. So he scribbled with yellow colored pencil the word "Bhavami" from the shloka and inserted the word "vadami" in his book. After that he went to take bath in the nearby river. He was a very poor Brahmin and very little food was there in his house. While leaving his wife told him to get some foodstuff from the market after returning from his bath and pooja.

God Vishnu disguised himself as small boy of 10-12 years and went to his house. He carried a heavy load with foodstuffs like wheat,rice, pulses, salt, vegetables etc. When he reached his house he called out to the Brahmin's wife and said "See your husband has given me such a heavy load of foodstuff for your house and I am feeling breathless carrying this burden and see my full mouth has became yellow. The Brahmin's wife asked him "child, you are so young and innocent and why has my husband told you to carry such a heavy load. It is not right on his part. What is that yellow colour on your lips?

The child said "this is all done by Panditji." She replied "Has panditji gone mad, what is wrong with him? How can he smear your lips and cheeks with yellow colour. When he comes home I going to question him." She then told him to sit and have some breakfast. The child replied "I have some other work to do so I cannot wait for breakfast. Saying this the Lord who was disguised as a child disappeared.

When the Brahmin reached home, his wife started yelling at him "what is wrong with you? How can you send such heavy load with a small child? The child was feeling breathless by carrying this heavy burden of foodstuff which you had send through him. Now at this old age you played mischief with a small child by smearing the lips of the child with yellow colour. How could you do this to a small child. Being a Brahmin you should not do this. How can you be so cruel with a small child. You put so much burden on the child and made him carry heavy bag full of household eatables like rice, atta, dal etc. and you smeared his lips with yellow colour. I never expected you to behave like this with a small child atleast. This is like committing a sin?"

The Brahmin was stunned to see his wife screaming at him for no fault of his. He could not understand what was happening. He told his wife "Which child are you talking of? I have not met any small child and smeared his lips and cheeks with yellow colour. I have not send any foodstuff for our house. I don't have a penny to buy these things. Today I came empty handed."
The Panditji was surprised because he had not sent a small child to carry food items in his house. He was thinking that who could do this as he had no money also to buy these things.

Afterward he realised his mistake that he had overwritten with yellow ink the word Bhavami to Vadami in the shloka from pious book Mahabharat.. What God has stressed in the granth is true. He started weeping bitterly and said to his wife "Oh, How foolish I am? I tried to correct my Lord's word. He has strongly reiterated everywhere that He will come personally to help his disciples in need. But I was wrong by changing his words. I apologise and beg sorry from my Lord. I now firmly believe that you come personally to help us. You don't send your employees to help. The yellow ink smeared on my Lord's mouth is because of my foolishness. I am feeling so guilty. I thought I am right.

He further told his wife "you are lucky to have got darshan of God disguised as a small child, but I could not get to see him. How my Ego kept me away from my God. You being innocent got his darshan. Lord knew that we are poor and there was very little food in our house. He personally came to help me from this poverty. He gave his proof that he is always with me. In future I will never make any changes. I will accept whatever is written in the granth as his words, Lord's vani."

Friday, 21 November, 2008

Firm Belief in God

Lord Krishna told Arjun "Matparah". Have faith and shraddha. Fully surrender to me"
Once there was a round table conference in England during British rule in India. Mahatma Gandhi, Madan Mohan Malaviya and the King of Jaipur were invited to attend the conference.

Mahatma Gandhi and Madan Moha Malaviya went by plane. But the King of Jaipur, who was strong believer of Govindji, wanted to travel by ship. He wanted to carry his Govindji's temple along with him. So a special ship was arranged in which the king carried his God Govind's temple. Many of his employees also traveled with him. He had full faith and strong belief in his God. A special cell was kept for king to pray in his Lord's temple.

While the ship was sailing, after sometime on the way, by chance suddenly there was storm in the sea with gushing winds. The ship was sinking. It was difficult to sail due to the storm.

The captain of the ship who was a Britisher sent messages to his sailors and the passengers on the ship to take safety measures and safety boats to save their life.

The captain approached the king and told him to vacate the sinking ship and take a safety boat. The king replied "it is my prayer time and I will not leave. Let anything happen. I am sitting under my Govindji's feet, there is not need to send any messages. If the ship sinks or no and if I die or no, do not worry and about me. No need to inform me. you can proceed and save yours and others life through safety boats.

The king sat to pray, he was fully immersed in his concentration, dhyan.

After sometime it became calm, there was no storm and the ship did not sink. Everybody was safe. After his prayer the king came out of his temple, he saw everything was fine, there was no storm and all were breathing a sigh of relief.

They all reached England safely. Then the news spread in London about the storm and how with the kings prayer and dhyan, the ship was saved from sinking.

When mahatma Gandhi and Madan Mohan Malaviya heard about it, they immediately rushed to the king, embraced and hugged him. They were very delighted to hear that the king had strong determination and had fully surrendered to the Almighty. No sign of panic.

This news was printed in bold letters about the faith and belief in the Almighty. Everything you leave to Him, He will take care. Do not panic in the time of crises, just pray and have firm belief and faith.
God gives us peace and satisfaction. Lord Krishna has strongly said that "I will save you from mritiyu rupi sansaar. I will come and lift you up in my arms from the sea of death."
There are so many proof that God will come and help us during any crises or trouble. He did this with Arjun, Draupadi, with elephant,Dhruv, Mira Bai, Jana bai, Naamdev. There are innumerable examples and experiences by us also that God exists and helps those who believe in him.